In Their Own Words, 2nd Edition: What Scholars Say about Social-Emotional Skill Development while Learning Remotely

SCRI conducted a mixed-methods analysis to learn about the scholar experience in a remote learning environment with the revised SEL focus and to see how scholars, in their own words, described their SE growth over the summer. The analysis revealed a wealth of insights about how BellXcel Remote’s SEL programming positively impacted scholars and showed how participation in BellXcel Remote led to improved relationships, increased confidence, strengthened growth mindset, improved self regulation and engagement, and better routines and schedules.

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SCRInsider: Boosting Technology Confidence Through Summer Learning

We’ve found two more strong reasons to prioritize summer learning in 2021 – increased confidence in technology and improved teacher practice! Our new research brief, Boosting Technology Confidence Through Summer Learning, reveals scholars, families, and staff who participated in BellXcel Remote in Summer 2020 improved technology skills, built confidence with virtual learning, and were set up for success in remote learning in the new school year. Additionally, our latest SCRI Asks dives deeper into last month’s RAND study on the power of summer professional development for teachers. We discuss the implications for the broader K-12 field with lead authors Elizabeth Steiner and Laura Stelitano. Read and download everything in this SCRInsider.

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SCRI Asks: Q&A with Elizabeth Steiner and Laura Stelitano

In 2019, BellXcel partnered with RAND on a first-of-its-kind study on summer teacher professional development, The Promise of Summer as a Time for Teacher Professional Learning. SCRI talked with the study’s lead researchers Elizabeth Steiner and Laura Stelitano to distill the findings for the broader K-12 field.

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Boosting Technology Confidence Through Summer Learning

SCRI uncovered an unexpected effect of participating in a summer program: Families, staff, and youth reported that participating in the 2020 BellXcel Remote summer program increased confidence in remote learning and technology, improving preparedness for potential shifts and uncertainties in the school year, and in some cases repairing negative perceptions of remote learning from the spring of 2020. This brief explores this theme and looks to uncover why the experience of BellXcel Remote resulted in these findings.

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SCRInsider: Summer opportunities make a difference to learners AND teachers

We’re excited to share a new, first-of-its-kind national study of teacher professional learning opportunities during the summer months. “The Promise of Summer as a Time for Teacher Professional Learning” is a collaboration between RAND and BellXcel that draws insights from a national sample of teachers as well as BellXcel teachers specifically.

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Building Bridges During Challenging Times: How BellXcel Remote Summer Programs Kept Youth, Families and Staff Engaged in Learning During COVID-19

SCRI found evidence that BellXcel Remote did help to bridge the gap between a disrupted 2019-20 school year and the new 2020-21 school year and was able to engage youth in summer distance learning. Analysis of end-of-program stakeholder surveys demonstrates that the program kept scholars, families, and staff engaged in a myriad of academic, enrichment, and SEL activities.

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