SCRInsider: Make Your First Day Your Best Day

After more than a year of postponements, closures, and breaks, summer 2021 is poised to be an exciting and productive time – a time for reconnecting and re-engaging. The infusion of stimulus dollars for summer learning has the potential to allow for bigger and more robust summer programs than ever before, albeit with less time for planning.
Never fear. This month, we are sharing three new resources designed to ease your summer planning and take a few things off your long to-do list.

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SCRI Day 1 / Week 1 Checklist

This tool guides summer learning leaders through a series of questions to help them prepare for their program’s Day 1 / Week 1 and avoid common missteps.

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SCRI Site Visit Checklist

An essential part of any program’s sustainability plan is cultivating and strengthening buy-in from your key stakeholders, including funders, school, district, and community leaders. A great way to engage stakeholders and stay top-of-mind is to offer the opportunity to see the program in action through virtual or in-person site visits.

The checklist below will help you plan and execute site visits so that guests leave the experience feeling enthusiastic about your impact and invested in the long-term success of your program.

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Families Are Key to Building Back Better: Unpacking Elements of Effective Engagement in Remote Learning

Tasked with planning and implementing remote learning for over 55 million children in the U.S. in the wake of COVID-19 school closures, districts and teachers relied heavily on families to support youth learning. SCRI discovered that remote summer programs using the BellXcel model were able to established supportive and consistent relationships between staff and families which empowered families to support their children’s learning. Staff integrated high-quality family engagement strategies throughout the program which included frequent communication and meaningful outreach to support participants.

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SCRInsider: Plan for Summer Learning

We distilled lessons from a first-of-its-kind study on summer as a time for teacher professional learning into a companion guide and planning tool that make it easy for districts and youth development providers to zero in on key insights and put the evidence into action. And speaking of summer, we’ve had the privilege of working with nine districts in Texas to help them design intentional and impactful summer learning programs that will be implemented in just a few weeks.

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The Promise of Summer as a Time for Teacher Professional Development: Companion Guide & PD Planning Tool

This Companion Guide helps districts and youth development providers identify and apply evidence and insights from the study “The Promise of Summer as a Time for Teacher Professional Development” to ensure meaningful and high-quality summer PD. The PD Planning Tool helps summer learning providers align professional development opportunities with program goals and determine new strategies, techniques, and skills they would like to further develop with their staff.

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