Turning Evidence Into Action™

SCRI blends practical experience with research insights to help educators and youth development professionals turn evidence into action. We meet partners where they are, helping them optimize quality, improve outcomes, deepen knowledge, and strengthen systems to achieve their goals. We have unique expertise in summer and afterschool — rooted in proven approaches for equitable and engaging experiences for young people. Through coaching, intentional design, strategy development, growth planning, evaluation, and targeted tools and resources, SCRI offers evidence-based, actionable guidance and practical steps to advance partners’ priorities.


Translating evidence and insights to advance practice. Our research strengthens the science and practice behind academic and social and emotional learning, quality measurement, and professional learning to improve youth programs and policies.


Strengthening adult and organizational capacity to achieve positive youth outcomes. Staff are the most critical drivers of program quality and success. We illuminate the conditions and strategies that strengthen practice through professional learning and coaching.


Improving youth experience, engagement, and achievement.  We drive continuous improvement in critical areas, including culture and climate, curriculum and instruction, program administration, and evaluation and assessment.


Transforming delivery systems to reach more young people. We leverage our own organizational experience transforming and scaling as a guide for others focusing on service delivery, talent development, culture, and measures of success to scale.

Why Partner with SCRI?

Evidence-based practice is our specialty

SCRI is an affiliate of BellXcel, a national nonprofit with nearly 30 years’ experience innovating educational solutions rooted in evidence. We have extensive experience partnering with schools, community-based and national youth organizations to turn evidence into action.

Data guides our work

SCRI’s team has years of experience collecting, analyzing, translating, and harnessing the power of data to optimize youth programming. We help our partners focus their energy on strategies that will increase quality and deepen impact.

Collaboration leads to innovation

Everything we do is in partnership with others. Our team is skilled at transferring knowledge and building the capacity of partners to design and deliver innovative models and services.

Meeting the Moment

Our current environment challenges youth organizations and schools to reimagine their value and impact, as well as their readiness to seize the opportunities of this moment. SCRI partners with leaders to build their capacity to change and adapt.

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In Their Own Words: Scholars on Social-Emotional Skills and Summer

In this research brief, learn why social and emotional learning (SEL) is important to student success and how to measure skill development over the summer. Hear from BellXcel scholars about what growth in skills like self-regulation, self-awareness, and responsible decision-making feels like to them.

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