The affordable & accessible capacity builder

SCRI researches and tests solutions to bring innovative approaches that solve the sector’s most pressing challenges. We provide the insights and tools communities need to reach more young people where they are, through the adults they know, with strategies that work.

Accessible Expertise

Practices matter only if people have access to them. 

Practical strategies, tools, and expert resources proven to create enduring impact for the youth in communities.

Actionable Evidence

Science behind successful youth services must be translated into action.

Decades of research translated into adaptable and realistic solutions to solve the sector’s most pressing challenges.

Practitioner Capacity

Staff are the most critical driver of quality and success. 

Capacity support and strategic services to enable staff to focus on what matters most – the youth and the communities they serve.


Leveraging expertise to reach more young people. We focus on strategy, partnerships, service delivery, talent development, culture, and measures of success to help organizations and philanthropies grow and scale.

Why Partner with SCRI?

"Working with SCRI, we developed the best course of action to reach our ideal outcomes with our team clearly setting our overall goals and next steps."
-Community Organization

"SCRI helped build ideas and strategies for our youth enrichment strategy. Our ability to integrate processes and procedures in our strategic plan will ensure that our program is sustainable."
-School District

"Our relationship with SCRI made huge strides in our growth, for example we built strong organization infrastructure and program development."
-Nonprofit Foundation

Community Webinar
Elevate the Quality of Enrichment Programming

Join SCRI's upcoming webinar series and unlock the key to impactful enrichment programming. Participants will also gain free access to our Enrichment Toolkit complete with step-by-step guides to creating high-quality youth experiences.

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SCRI’s enduring commitment to develop and sustain organizational capacity

We translate knowledge and insights into organizational best practices, serving a diversified portfolio of nonprofits, schools, intermediary, and foundation clients.

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