SCRI Asks: Q&A with Christina A. Russell and Corey Newhouse

This SCRI Asks features Q&A with Christina A. Russell of Policy Studies Associates and Corey Newhouse of Public Profit, editors of Measure, Use, Improve! Data Use in Out-of-School Time. They reflect on BellXcel’s chapter, Thinking Outside the Logic Model, written by our own Brenda McLaughlin and Bryan Hall, and share practical tips and guidance.

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Measure, Use, Improve! Data Use in Out-of-School Time

Measure, Use, Improve! Data Use In Out-of-School Time – the fifth volume in Information Age Publishing’s Current Issues in Out-of-School Time Series – adds a set of inspiring and insightful resources for OST practitioners, policymakers, and researchers alike. SCRI’s Brenda McLaughlin and Bryan Hall were pleased to co-author a chapter for the volume, Beyond Youth Outcomes: Thinking Outside the Logic Model.

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SCRI Asks: Q&A with Gretchen Brion-Meisels, Deepa Vasudevan, and Anna West

In this SCRI Asks we spoke with two of the editors, Gretchen Brion-Meisels and Deepa Vasudevan, as well as chapter coauthor Anna West, of At Our Best: Building Youth-Adult Partnerships in Out-of-School Time Settings. We discuss the importance of youth-adult partnerships and implications for practitioners.

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Building Youth-Adult Partnerships

Partnerships between youth and adults can take many forms—children and caregivers, students and teachers, mentees and mentors. Whether returning to the classroom in a new paradigm, learning from home, or participating in social movements, these youth-adult partnerships have proven even more essential during the pandemic and periods of unrest.

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SCRInsider Newsletter August 2020

Meeting the moment: Adapting to best serve you and families

With summer quickly coming to a close, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t quite what we expected. Everyone adapted to a new reality, from students and families to schools and community organizations. So did SCRI.

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Young student studying at home.

Strengthening the Quality of Remote Learning: Reflection Tool

As youth leaders and teachers across the country rapidly innovated to deliver remote learning, SCRI has reflected upon nearly three decades of research and evidence to consider how to measure quality in a remote learning environment. We know how important quality experiences are to a young person’s ability to learn and grow. The Remote Quality Reflection Tool is available publicly for remote learning providers to reflect on the quality of their summer programs, since for many assessing quality in a remote environment is new.

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