Need a rigorous measurement approach?

Need to reliably capture results to secure funding?

Need to define a unique story of impact?

Mystified by a plethora of data and what it means?

Rooted in Science and Evidence

SCRI started as practitioners needing to define our impact and evidence base. Now we are committed to bringing that deep expertise to the sector—either building your internal capacity or serving as an essential evaluation partner.

Our goal is to drive measurement discipline throughout your organization, while measuring a range of areas, such as academic progress, stakeholder perceptions, and quality indicators to shape your story of impact.

Examples of SCRI’s services include program evaluation and outcomes measurement, data analysis, collection and support services, asset evaluation, continuous quality improvement, and impact communications strategies.

Hear From Our Clients

SCRI’s ability to develop an asset map of the summer learning landscape and a community-wide understanding of why learning matters has benefited the entire community. Our ability to implement a pilot during the pandemic further proved the importance of having an aligned vision with multiple partners.

Caroline ShawDirector, Opportunity Project

Client Success Story

The Opportunity Project, in collaboration with Tulsa Public Schools, wanted to develop a new
summer learning opportunity to increase achievement and engagement.

Learn how SCRI analyzed data from
community stakeholders to recommend a structure that would work.

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