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SCRInsider: Make Your First Day Your Best Day

After more than a year of postponements, closures, and breaks, summer 2021 is poised to be an exciting and productive time – a time for reconnecting and re-engaging. The infusion of stimulus dollars for summer learning has the potential to allow for bigger and more robust summer programs than ever before, albeit with less time for planning.

Never fear. This month, we are sharing three new resources designed to ease your summer planning and take a few things off your long to-do list.

Beyond these new resources, don’t forget to peruse the Tools section of our web site for even more practical tools for planning, delivering, and assessing a high-quality summer learning program.

As always, we at SCRI will be making the most of this summer to learn and grow right alongside the talented educators and youth development professionals we work with across the country. We’re wishing you a clear path to a memorable summer.

P.S. Have you heard? SCRI is partnering with Partnership for Children and Youth and California Collaborative for Education Excellence to offer free technical assistance to California LEAs that need support on design/staffing, attendance/outreach, curriculum ideas, and more for their summer learning programs. Check out The Summer Technical Assistance Hub here:

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