About Us

SCRI is uniquely positioned to increase the access, quality and outcomes of youth programs. Our deep experience transferring knowledge and skills to partners is the impetus for launching SCRI – we know we have a larger role to play to help youth-serving organizations and schools achieve greater influence, visibility and success.

The Sperling Center for Research and Innovation is named in honor of one of BellXcel’s most dedicated champions, Laurene Sperling. Laurene has been a friend, supporter, thought leader and strategic partner to BellXcel, serving on its Board of Directors for 14 years, almost all as Chair. Her strategic leadership helped to directly build the organization’s capacity, onboard its leadership, and deepen its philanthropic reach as she personally engaged her extensive network. With the Sperling Center for Research and Innovation, we commemorate Laurene’s profound impact on BellXcel and continue her commitment to education for all youth as we strengthen the sector.

BellXcel’s History

As a leading national nonprofit in youth development, BellXcel has been innovating educational solutions rooted in evidence since 1992.

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