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SCRInsider: Plan Comprehensive Evaluations to Go Beyond Tests Scores


A comprehensive summer evaluation plan is about more than math and reading tests. Gathering holistic data on your summer program allows you to go beyond answering how your program did, to understanding what was delivered and why your results look the way they do. Without data on attendance and retention, stakeholder satisfaction, and program quality, it’s difficult to interpret academic and social-emotional outcomes. Why did one or two sites shine above the rest? What was different about the site that just didn’t meet the mark?

To help you answer these and other common questions, this month we’re sharing our new Summer Learning Program Evaluation Guide. Check it out for quick, practical tips and key considerations for developing your comprehensive evaluation plan. Each section includes a list of actions to take before, during, and after your program to remove the guesswork and lighten your workload.

And don’t forget about our Day 1 / Week 1 Checklist as you prepare to welcome staff and students, and our Site Visit Checklist as you prepare to host your other VIPs. SCRI’s Resource Library is full of tools and research that summer learning leaders can use right now.

We wish you a great summer filled with plenty of time for relationship-building, adventures, and FUN!



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An essential part of any program’s sustainability plan is cultivating and strengthening buy-in from your key stakeholders, including funders, school, district, and community leaders. A great way to engage stakeholders and stay top-of-mind is to offer the opportunity to see the program in action through virtual or in-person site visits.

The checklist below will help you plan and execute site visits so that guests leave the experience feeling enthusiastic about your impact and invested in the long-term success of your program.

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