SCRInsider: Plan for Summer Learning

We distilled lessons from a first-of-its-kind study on summer as a time for teacher professional learning into a companion guide and planning tool that make it easy for districts and youth development providers to zero in on key insights and put the evidence into action. And speaking of summer, we’ve had the privilege of working with nine districts in Texas to help them design intentional and impactful summer learning programs that will be implemented in just a few weeks.

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SCRInsider: A Year of Turning Evidence Into Action

This month SCRI celebrates its one-year anniversary. In many ways, launching at the start of the pandemic accelerated the importance and value of our work. The education and youth development fields faced unprecedented challenges that required a nimble response.

SCRI’s mission to turn evidence into action propelled us to lean in on our practical expertise, consulting, coaching, research, and evaluation capabilities to support and amplify our partners’ efforts to meet these important challenges. Here are a few highlights of the year:

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SCRInsider: Boosting Technology Confidence Through Summer Learning

We’ve found two more strong reasons to prioritize summer learning in 2021 – increased confidence in technology and improved teacher practice! Our new research brief, Boosting Technology Confidence Through Summer Learning, reveals scholars, families, and staff who participated in BellXcel Remote in Summer 2020 improved technology skills, built confidence with virtual learning, and were set up for success in remote learning in the new school year. Additionally, our latest SCRI Asks dives deeper into last month’s RAND study on the power of summer professional development for teachers. We discuss the implications for the broader K-12 field with lead authors Elizabeth Steiner and Laura Stelitano. Read and download everything in this SCRInsider.

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SCRInsider: Summer opportunities make a difference to learners AND teachers

We’re excited to share a new, first-of-its-kind national study of teacher professional learning opportunities during the summer months. “The Promise of Summer as a Time for Teacher Professional Learning” is a collaboration between RAND and BellXcel that draws insights from a national sample of teachers as well as BellXcel teachers specifically.

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SCRInsider: Building Bridges During Challenging Times

Almost immediately after we launched, the world as we knew it turned upside down and we had to wrestle with the pandemic and the unforeseen challenges it presented for young people, families, educators, schools, and summer and afterschool providers. One constant during this turbulent time was our approach to tackling tough challenges: we began by asking questions. What do our partners need most from us? What are we uniquely positioned to learn and do? How can we use what we know to make things easier for others? Our answers have guided us to use the practical knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years to address big (and timely) topics.

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SCRInsider: Quality Can’t Wait

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last two decades of out-of-school time (OST) research, it’s that quality matters in summer programs. SCRI’s latest report, “Quality Can’t Wait: Cultivating Continuous Improvement” looks at what we’ve learned about designing and implementing rapid-cycle quality improvement, while our expert interview with Wendy McClanahan of McClanahan Associates, Inc. gives a broader look at QA in OST.

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