Measure, Use, Improve! Data Use in Out-of-School Time

Measure, Use, Improve! Data Use In Out-of-School Time – the fifth volume in Information Age Publishing’s Current Issues in Out-of-School Time Series – adds a set of inspiring and insightful resources for OST practitioners, policymakers, and researchers alike. SCRI’s Brenda McLaughlin and Bryan Hall were pleased to co-author a chapter for the volume, Beyond Youth Outcomes: Thinking Outside the Logic Model.

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Building Youth-Adult Partnerships

Partnerships between youth and adults can take many forms—children and caregivers, students and teachers, mentees and mentors. Whether returning to the classroom in a new paradigm, learning from home, or participating in social movements, these youth-adult partnerships have proven even more essential during the pandemic and periods of unrest.

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SCRInsider Newsletter August 2020

Meeting the moment: Adapting to best serve you and families

With summer quickly coming to a close, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t quite what we expected. Everyone adapted to a new reality, from students and families to schools and community organizations. So did SCRI.

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Deepening relationships and developing routines

More than ever before, young people need social-emotional supports to help them cope and thrive. This edition includes helpful research for practitioners and resources for families to deepen relationships this summer.

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National academies report offers comprehensive recommendations for addressing summertime gaps

Research and contributor to a recent consensus report on summertime experiences. Dr. Moroney discusses the significance of the report and how practitioners can apply its learnings during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Strategies to Lessen Learning Gap

Given what we know about the impact of the summer learning gap on student achievement, access to resources, and student health and well-being, the impact of months-long school closure could be catastrophic.

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