Deepening Relationships and Developing Routines

More than ever before, young people need social-emotional supports to help them cope and thrive. This edition includes helpful research for practitioners and resources for families to deepen relationships this summer.

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National academies report offers comprehensive recommendations for addressing summertime gaps

Research and contributor to a recent consensus report on summertime experiences. Dr. Moroney discusses the significance of the report and how practitioners can apply its learnings during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Strategies to Lessen Learning Gap

Given what we know about the impact of the summer learning gap on student achievement, access to resources, and student health and well-being, the impact of months-long school closure could be catastrophic.

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Top 5 COVID-19 resources for youth development leaders

We share our curated list of COVID-19 resources for youth development leaders. Read on for links to the latest on policy, legislation, funding, and free tools to keep kids learning.

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Welcome to the Sperling Center for Research and Innovation

In our inaugural SCRInsider, learn how SCRI will expand upon BellXcel’s nearly 30 years of innovation to ensure schools and nonprofit partners have what they need to implement high-quality, impactful summer and afterschool programs.

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