SCRInsider Newsletter August 2020

Meeting the moment: Adapting to best serve you and families


With summer quickly coming to a close, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t quite what we expected. Everyone adapted to a new reality, from students and families to schools and community organizations. We’ve navigated tough choices, but also found unanticipated silver linings. As we grow as professionals, parents, and people, we’re all learning new ways of doing.

It was the same here at SCRI. We used the practical knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years to tackle big questions, like assessing and improving quality in a remote learning environment, evaluating the outcomes of remote learning, and serving students and families who lack access to technology or internet.

Next month, we’ll share a case study of BellXcel Remote, a new evidence-based, teacher-led approach that adapts the classroom experience for home use. Our parent organization, BellXcel, piloted this approach with 52 partners across 27 states this summer. This month, we’re excited to share more about how SCRI is partnering with youth organizations and schools to similarly adapt and pivot. We’re helping our partners to position themselves to seize opportunities and leverage their unique assets so that they can expand capacity to deliver and innovate.

Read our case study with The Opportunity Project in Tulsa to learn how developing an aligned vision for a summer program with multiple partners made it easier for them to quickly shift to a new delivery system this summer.

Then learn how SCRI supported Roca to package 30 years of programmatic experience into a virtual train-the-trainer (TTT) institute to scale its highly effective (and essential) programming, even during the pandemic.

If you’re interested in SCRI’s Impact Consulting model and how it may help your organization adapt and grow, read our latest thinking here.

We would love to hear from you about your insights and stories of innovation. Please reach out and stay connected to us.

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