Our Approach

SCRI’s Research and Evaluation work includes both internally and externally focused projects, all of which help to turn evidence into action.

We conduct original research to inform the field:

Our research strengthens the science and practice behind academic and social and emotional learning, quality measurement, and professional learning to improve outcomes and program success.

We author research summaries and overviews to make evidence actionable:

We partner with providers, field leaders, and policymakers to ensure that our research and insights strengthen the policies and practices that govern youth programs.

We serve as back-office evaluation partners for youth-serving organizations and schools:

SCRI offers a range of evaluation and assessment tools and templates, as well as comprehensive evaluation services. We measure academic progress, social and emotional learning, quality, and perceptions about the program across a variety of stakeholders. We act as a back-end evaluator for organizations without the capacity to do it themselves.

We evaluate BellXcel services and partnerships:

As BellXcel innovates, so does SCRI. BellXcel stays on the leading edge of service delivery by consistently measuring impact in partnership with SCRI.

We partner with expert firms on high-interest research projects:

Partnerships are the cornerstone of our work. By collaborating with others in the field, we’re able to answer pressing field-level questions on educator development, summer learning, afterschool, and service delivery.

We gather expert interviews to complement new research evidence:

We ask researchers and other experts to weigh in on the latest research and offer their perspectives on methods, findings, and implications for the field.

Our research and writing focus on high-interest topics for youth-serving organizations and schools such as:

Research Partners

SCRI houses BellXcel’s extensive research and evidence base, leveraging investments for nearly 30 years to bring an impressive array of research partners to our work. We tap our research partners to help us answer specific research questions while adding capacity and expertise to our engagements.