In out-of-school time (OST) programs, intentional and high-quality enrichment activities break down access barriers, fostering youth success and consistent attendance. Despite the well-known benefits, guidance on creating these programs remains limited. At SCRI, we're bridging this gap, offering insights into essential elements based on valuable feedback from BellXcel-partner programs.

Webinar Series: From Fun to Fulfillment: Elevating Your Enrichment Program

1. The Essentials of High Quality Enrichment

February 22, 1:00 PM ET


2. Plan for Success

March 7, 1:00 PM ET


3. Implement with Intentionality

March 14, 1:00 PM ET


Enrichment Inventory

Craft impactful programs for youth with a 360-degree survey approach, garnering insights from caregivers, teachers, and students. Simultaneously, resource mapping identifies untapped resources for high-quality enrichment, offering a snapshot of potential assets, from staff to facilities, promoting efficient and sustainable programming.

Youth Interest 360 Surveys

Enhance youth engagement through comprehensive surveys.

Youth Interest 360 Survey

Resource Mapping Tool

Identify and harness existing resources effectively.

Resource Mapping Tool

Plan for Success

Course Selector & Feasibility

Evaluate capability, capacity, and course alignment to your vision.

Course Selector & Feasibility Tool

Curriculum Selection Tool

Evaluate curriculum alignment, content & instructional design, and instructor support.

Curriculum Selection Tool

Partner Evaluation Rubric

Evaluate potential partners for enrichment support.

External Partner Evaluation Rubric

Implement with Intentionality

Scope & Sequence

Establish the foundation of a well-structured course, detailing content and delivery.

Scope & Sequence

Unit Plan

Establish clear learning objectives, pacing, and lesson details for each unit within the course.

Unit Plan

Lesson Plan

Provide instructors with lesson goals, learning objectives, activities, and ways to check for understanding.

Lesson plan

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